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Subject: Electronics Engineering, Practical electronics. Technology review. 

Topic:  write a report on a technology relating to the specific topics. Students may select any technology or method of interest from within the following list of categories: • Sensors and transducers • Component packaging • Printed circuit board design and fabrication including industry and lab processes for fabrication and assembly • Techniques and methods for noise reduction, grounding, and thermal management • Electrical power sources • Environmental considerations including hazardous substance legislation • EMC compliance and RF interference • Ergonomics as related to electronic devices Examples • A comparative analysis of recent advances in fabrication technology of thin-film silicon for producing cost-effective solar cells • Comparison Between Different Types UPS Systems and UPS Systems Selection • Technology Review of Fuel Cell Circuits  

Instructions:  A report of 1500 words. Each topic must require following emphasis:
• The purpose of the technology including a brief history
• Theory of operation
• The pervasiveness of the technology in industry
• Recent developments and trends
• A comparative analysis against alternative methods/technologies

Marks will be assessed on the following:

• Cohesion of the report in its entirety
• Evidence of extensive research including a minimum of 5 references properly cited.
• Formatting according to IEEE guidelines (template is provided).
• Clarity of expression and overall presentation (diagrams, references, etc…)