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Financial Analysis Assignment

Subject : Finance

Topic : Give a buy or sell recommendation on Tesco Plc’s stock

Tesco Plc is one of the most strongest and powerful retail players in the UK that has been growing at a significant pace, from the customers’ point of views. But when it comes to the investment decision, the investors have to go through various elements and angles to analyse the financial performance of the companies and make decisions accordingly...
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Business Management Report Assignment

Subject: Business Management

Topic: Work Placement Based On Work Experience as Visitors Assistance at the National History Museum

Perpetuating and creating a business that is successful has always been a challenge. The current only-the strong-survive business world, managers require top-notch training and they should remain unshakable through acquisition of the desired skills.
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Project Management Assignment

Subject: Project Management

Topic: Project Planning using Ms. Project

Develop a project plan using MS Project 2010(or 2007), and ensure that the seven main phases in the construction of a dwelling are represented in the project plan, and reports are presented showing summary levels of detail.
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The investigative roles of ASIC

Subject: Corporation Law

Topic: The investigative roles of ASIC

The Australian Securities and investments commission (ASIC) is currently investigating two corporations based in Queensland accused of misleading their investors about the value and status of their investments. In this case, Royale Capital Pty Ltd (Royale) and Active Super Pty Ltd (Active) have been accused of misleading their investors between 2010 and 2012. So far, ASIC has found that the two companies raised more than $4.75 million illegally from more than 200 investors by misleading them during the period. In March 2013, the federal court of Australia made orders to appoint Robert Graham Killer of Grant Thornton and Michael Gerrard McCann as the joint provisional liquidators to MOGS Ltd. This was after a hearting in which ASIC had filed a court petition accusing the two companies of acting against the federal corporate law that requires corporations to disclose the status and value of their shares and equities to their prospective and current investors. The two companies, which are based in Queensland, were notified of their investigations on November 2011.
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Nursing Essay

Subject: Nursing

Topic: End of life elective: Ethical issues in the provision of end of life care

Ethics in medical practices continue to be the issue of great concern for health practitioners around the globe. In providing end of life care, nurses and health care provider deal with single patient or his family and main objective is to make patient comfortable. With the advent of accelerated medical advancement, health care professionals undergo numerous ethical conflicts in providing palliative care. Medical professionals still face enormous confusion for legal and ethical permissible act to deal with end of life care (Department of Health care, 2011). This research study scrutinizes array of ethical issues in the provision of end of care from diverse business literature. The focus of the study is to elaborate the process of adoption of ‘opt-out’ system of organ donation in Australia. Medical reports have shown that organ donation in Australia has low rate and is on 17th rank in the world (International Registry of Organ Donation & Transplantation, 2009). In Australia, USA and Finland, government implemented an 'opt in' system and made consent legal guideline in which people have right to show willingness and communicate to medical authorities to donate organs after death. In this study, output system of organ donation is elaborated from ethical viewpoint and logical arguments are provided to support this practice. .
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Health Problem Essay

Subject: Obesity

Topic: Health Problem in Australia

Obesity is one the problems that modern Australia is facing. The word obesity is used to refer to a body condition where the body accumulates excess fats resulting to a person being overweight. Being overweight does not necessarily mean that a person is obese. In order to ascertain that somebody is obese a measurement criteria known as B.M.I Index is used.
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Nursing Essay

Subject: Nursing

Topic: Perioperative Nursing Management of a Patient Undergoing a Cadaver Kidney Transplant in all Phases of the Patient Perioperative Experience.

Successful kidney transplant is critical and highly crucial in the context of offering improved quality and prolonged life. Consequently, it is more efficient unlike long–term dialysis thereby administered to patients having chronic or end stage renal disorder...
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Case Study Assignment

Subject: Criminal Law

Topic: The Case of Adele Vs The state in the death of Victor

This case involves the trial of Adele, an Australian woman charged with the murder of her husband Victor. In brief, Adele has shot and injured Victor, her husband of 12 years. Prior to the shooting, Victor had turned to be an abusive husband, frequently assaulting and even causing physical injury on Adele. After the shooting, Adele made an emergency call to the local police and ambulance, where the husband was immediately taken to hospital. However, a road accident involving other vehicles delayed his transport to the hospital and the medical team at the hospital administered an anaesthetic drug, but he was allergic to it. Within few hours, Victor was pronounced dead. The legal question in this case is whether to charge Adele with murder or manslaughter. On her defence, this paper will argue that Adele’s intention was not to kill Victor, but she shot him on her self-defence because it was evidence Victor was a threat. To drive the point, the paper will develop a critical analysis of “murder” defensive homicide and self-defence in order to show that the road delay and administration of the anaesthesia on an allergic patient must have been the major contributors of Victor’s death rather than the action of Adele.
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The Stock Trading Basic Ideas And Strategies (IEEE format)

Stock trading is an important economic activity that plays a pivotal role in the economic sect of a country or nation. This importance which greatly affects the economic might of a nation is what has led to various kinds of research on how to trade on stocks in ways that are better for the trader and the investor. This report looks at the basic strategies that are in place in the economic market today and focuses on a new concept namely the Feedback based stock trading concept which if proved to work in theory as it has so far may then be introduced in the economic market. Stock trading often requires the presence of two participants, namely; the investor and the stock broker. More often than not, the broker makes decisions on behalf of the investor hoping for good returns on behalf of the client. This concept however seeks to ensure that the investor plays a more active role in the trading of stocks. This is through more communication between the two parties and more decision making on the part of the investor. This paper explores basic strategies on stock trading in the market place and further explores the merits of the feedback based stock trading concept
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Electronics Engineering, Practical Electronics. Technology Review.

Transducers are devices used to transforming energy from one form to the other. They are normally of various types depending on the quantity they measure (e.g. light, temperature, sound, speed etc.) or the quantity being controlled. This paper seeks to address the purpose, operation and the trends in thermocouple transducer.
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Electronics Engineering Report

The focus of this report is on the design and development of a practical based circuit on breadboard to implement a project describing the concept of video transmission over a CAT5 cable. The project description and specification will entail the devices and equipment that are used in executing this experimental project. Additionally, the project details will outline the procedural approach for setting up the equipment required for achieving the specifications of the project.
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Data Security Management for Information Systems in Schools

This project seeks to establish the best practices which may be used in database, computer system, or a software application that is concerned with student information. Of interest in the project is data that is centralised within a school and shared with third party researchers. The paper points out what may be evident as a lax attitude towards the management of information systems data, in other scenarios the absence of the minimal security measures and policies in firms that use sensitive student information.
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