It is always a dream of the majority of the students to go abroad, live and study there. But, among many other hassles, there comes a big issue that usually a lot of the students have to go through i.e. limited budget. Many of them simply give up their dream because of this problem as well. The reason is that generally the cost of education abroad is much higher and not everyone can afford it easily. Moreover, a lot of the things have to be taken into consideration such as living expenses, semester fees, travel charges, and much more. You have to analyze and plan before for all the expenses that you need to manage while studying abroad. In such a situation, you need to select such a city abroad that is less costly and affordable in your pocket. However, nothing is impossible in this world and if you have the will, you can find one that you can manage easily. So, instead of giving up hope, you need to do a bit of research in regards to finding an affordable city abroad. Here, we explain various means to do the same.

Use the platform of internet

There is nothing in this world that is not available and accessible on the internet. It is perhaps the most appropriate platform for you to find the most less costly city abroad to study. You can use google and write the words that such as most affordable city for education or less costly cities of the world in search engines and get hundreds of results. Through Google, you can be able to do complete as well as comprehensive research and receive the precise information that you want without any kind of hassles. In addition, you may also find independent portals online that compare the cost of universities abroad.

Send an email to the universities

It is perhaps the most useful means to find the information directly from the university. You simply need to prepare a draft of an email and send the same to the unlimited universities at once. In your email, you can also mention briefly that you want to study further but your financial status does not allow it. You never know that the university would agree to give you an affordable package that you can easily manage.

Get in touch with people who live abroad

Another most practical approach towards finding the most affordable city abroad to study is to contact the people who live abroad and are settled there. These people may be your friends, family members, relatives, classmates, etc. Since they have been abroad for a while, they are the most logical source to provide you the best of information.