How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Many people living in the world are not fulfilling their potential for a number of reasons. Chief among these reasons is either an ignorance of goal setting or a deliberate refusal to set goals.

What is goal setting?

Goal setting is writing down your intentions and assigning a timeline to each of them. It is much like the game of basketball or football. The focus in a game of basketball is to get as many balls as possible into the ring such that it surpasses that of your opponent. Same is for football. In other words, as someone succinctly described a goal this way: "a goal is a dream with a deadline."

Setting goals for some people looks like a big assignment. But this article will provide help for you! So, here's a list of what to do to set goals and achieve them:

  • Get a book or a board dedicated to goal-setting. There's power in writing things down. Some people say that their goals are in their minds. But research has shown that people like this don't achieve as much as those who take the time to write down their goals. In a book, you have the freedom to strategize the fulfilment of those goals. This cannot be done when the goal is only in your mind and not written down.
  • Be specific. What do you want? Let's say as a student you offer 5 courses, and you desire to have at least 80% in each of the courses. That's specific. So, your goals must not be ambiguous, it must be specific.
  • Make your goals measurable so that you know when you have achieved them. The goal set above is measurable. If the student scores 75%, he knows he's only near his set goal and has not hit it accurately. By this, he'll consider the things he can twerk to be able to reach his goal.
  • Make your goals achievable. Don't set goals that will get you discouraged by just looking at it, no! If you have been having average scores, then setting a goal of at least 80% should be achievable. You might just need to consider getting assignment help from assignment writing services for certain tasks, do some more study, et cetera.
  • Your goals must be realistic. There's no point saying you want to travel to the moon when you really have no finance or business at all going there. Let your goals be realistic.
  • Your goals should have timelines. A good example is: "Make $50,000 by the first half of 2022". This goal has a timeline. When you set timelines, ideas begin to run in your mind. Even when you are sleeping, you will dream of ideas that will help you in the fulfilment of that goal. You will suddenly see areas of income generation you never really considered before. Oh, there's tremendous power in setting goals and writing them down.
  • Paste your goals in a place where you see them everyday. It could be on your laptop, on a corner of your television screen, on the door of your room; anywhere you know you will always see it. There's something that does to you. It fires up in you the passion and drive you need for fulfilment.