Suppose you were asked to give a debate on the topic above, here’s a good template which has been put together for purposes of assignment help and learning.

Before moving into the points, it is necessary to state that the topic is an argumentative essay. While a person or group states points to support the point, the other person or group opposes the point. So, the points are arranged in such a way to show its argumentative nature.

Points to support the motion

  • Mobile phones have transformed the way we do business. With the click of a few buttons or just some taps, money can be transferred from one account and place to another without leaving where you are. That way, business is simplified.
  • Learning has never been easier with the use of mobile phones. This became more pronounced during the covid-19 pandemic when there was a global lockdown. Many learning institutions resorted to electronic learning. Some of these learnings took place through mobile phones. You can learn almost anything through the use of internet-based mobile phones. For students who need assignment help, for example, and are resident of Australia, all they need to do is type the words “assignment help Australia”, and he or she gets it within seconds. A very good example is the online assignment help being offered by
  • Our lives have also been greatly influenced through the use of mobile phones. A pregnant woman who was due to be delivered of her pregnancy was stranded somewhere. She immediately took her phone and called the doctor directed her on what to do. This helped her to successfully deliver the pregnancy. What if there wasn't mobile phone? Another example was the case of a newly appointed company director who forgot his inaugural speech at home. He had to call his daughter to read out the speech to him over the phone! The mobile phone was the rescue. This device has become second nature to so many as they cannot seem to do anything without it. Transportation by air has become easy, as flights can be booked online right on your device. There are also certain online businesses that can be done from the comfort of a mobile phone.

Points to oppose the motion

  • Truly, the use of mobile phones has transformed our business lives. However, you will agree with me that so many people have been defrauded through the use of these mobile phones. A good number of the statistics of those who have duped include highly educated people, so this has nothing to do with whether you are educated or not.
  • Yes, learning has been made very easy. But do you know that over the last few years visits to adult sites have increased dramatically. In other words, those who actually had the mind to learn end up getting carried away and distracted by these unethical sites. As a result, some of them end up becoming addicted to the extent of not being able to focus on their academics.
  • It has been scientifically proven that mobile phones emit hazardous rays. This is why we are advised to keep phones several feet away from our bed.

There are merits and demerits of any gadget that we use and if we utilize the positive sides of it we can make most of it. The use of mobile phone is of no difference. Children should use the mobile phone under the supervision of parents or guardians.