Its a report writing of an electronics subject. the report is about a practical-based circuit design project. i will provide major data, images of project, including schematics diagram, bread board and PCB. Following are requirements of the report. The report must include the followings: 1. Introduction, project specifications, theory of operation, simulation (if any), testing procedures, PCB layout, measurement data, analysis, conclusion and references. 2. You must also include the photograph of your completed project in the report. 3. A special section must be dedicated to highlight any design evolutions and the justifications for doing so. This section is your chance to demonstrate your circuit design and troubleshooting skills to achieve what you propose in the specification. 4. Within the conclusion, I am particularly interested to find out from you about any insight/wisdom that you have gathered after working on this project. 

Subject:  Electronics Engineering

Instrunctions:  The report should be of 2300 words atleast.

Assessment of the project

The assessment will be based on the following criteria:

1. Demonstrated creative design.

2. Demonstrated level of understanding.

3. Quality of output (especially the PCB).

4. Complexity of the project.

5. Quality of the report.